Collector's list - July/August

The following is a list of collectible (hypermodern) first editions to be on the look out for.  

Remember, first editions may not always state "FIRST EDITION," but they will list the full printer's number line at the bottom of the copyright page.  You want to be looking for the "1" (examples: 1234567890 01 02 03 -or- 10987654321 -or- 1357908642, etc.). Some books will list ABCDE... instead of 12345, in which case, you want to look for the "A" - this generally means that it is the first printing of the first edition.

For books that have won awards (as many of these have) you don't want the ones that celebrate the award on their cover - nothing that states "Winner of the Pulitzer Prize" with a big ol' foil stamp - you're looking for the copies that came out prior to the awards. Also, nothing with the Oprah Book Club sticker -- no matter what it says on the copyright page, this will be a later printing. - same goes for BoMC (Book of the Month Club) editions.

Clues that it's a first edition:
  1. It states on the copyright page, "FIRST EDITION"
  2. It displays a full number or letter line (complete with a "1" or an "A") at the bottom of the copyright page
  3. The inside dust jacket displays the price of the book (in the upper right corner for U.S. $, and lower right corner for U.K. £)
  4. There are no stickers or stamps proclaiming the book has won an award or is a selection for a book club.
Books are listed in alphabetical order by author & genre:






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