This Week's Finds from the Indy Bookstore

Yeah, right. I wish I came home with The Imperfectionists. I did come home with 11 other books from my visit to the used bookstore last night.  (ELEVEN!). Of course, I found nothing on my "list." No Jonathan Franzen, no Man-Booker long list items or U.K. firsts, and certainly not Tom Rachman's The Imperfectionists, although I stood in front of the 'R's staring as hard as I could for a good 10 minutes - amazingly, it never appeared.

I did find two signed first editions just mingling in the stacks: 

Rick Moody's Purple America - wherein the entire first chapter (4 pages in all) is constructed of one sentence lasting 3 3/4 pages, one sentence that is merely a name, and one sentence that appears to be of normal length and construction. Bought for $3, this book, had it come with a dust jacket would be worth $50. As it did not, I really have no idea how much it is worth. (I am fairly certain the book graders missed the signature, however, because it is doubtful they would've ever priced it at $3 had they known).  

The second signed book was Jess Walter's The Financial Lives of the Poets, signed and dated 11.21.09. And, if not for the small tear in the dust jacket would be in as-new condition. (bought for $8, worth $40-ish). This has been on my to-read list since last year.  
Synopsis: Matt Prior quits his job as a business reporter to start, a Web site featuring poetry about finance, or money-lit. Unsurprisingly, it tanks, and Matt returns to the newspaper, only to be laid off with a meager severance package. Now not only are the Priors in danger of losing their house, but Matt is convinced that his wife, Lisa, is having an affair with an old boyfriend she rediscovered during her lengthy nightly Facebook sessions. With two sons in overpriced Catholic school and his increasingly senile father to support, Matt's bank accounts dwindle amid his financial planner's dire predictions (diagnosis: fiscal Ebola). When an appealing but illegal moneymaking opportunity presents itself, Matt jumps at the chance. [PW starred review]

Also finding its way into my basket:

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