The Unexpected

Most book bloggers (and readers) out there may have figured out by now that this is Book Blogger Appreciation Week. And while I know this is probably the wrong word to describe it, I think it's sweet (or perhaps charming, maybe even fabulous) that someone, somewhere realized that there is an entire community out there in the ether so excited by books that it practically demanded an online convention to show communal appreciation. 

Each day the BBAW folks have set certain tasks/subjects for book bloggers to uniformly address and share. Today's subject is that of the "Unexpected Treasure."  The rules of the blog state that this is to be something that you discovered through another blogger. Since, however, my to be read pile pre-dates my life on the book blogging scene, I must bend the rules a bit with apologies (although I'm doubtful anyone will mind terribly).

My unexpected finds have almost all come from three primary sources: my mom, who is not a blogger; the library where I used to work (which didn't/does not have a blog); and scanning the shelves at the used book store (again, no blog).  For as much as I scan book blogs and read publishing news, almost all of my treasures have been found through real world connections.

I discovered Inkheart and The Children of the Lamp as well as Neil Gaiman and Salvador Placencia while shelving books at the library. It was my mother who sent me the first Harry Potter book. She was also the one who introduced me to Philip Pullman, Carol O'Connell, and Jasper Fforde.  And a chance encounter at the used bookstore brought me to Inger Ash Wolfe. All of which were completely unexpected treasures.

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