World Fantasy Awards Shortlist, What's Collectible?

Earlier last month, the World Fantasy Awards ballot was released, revealing the shortlist for best Fantasy novel. I thought it would be good to expound upon my earlier post and go over the collectibility of these authors & titles.

Blood of Ambrose, James Enge (Pyr, 2008; paperback)
James Enge is the author of three books: Blood of Ambrose (2009), This Crooked Way (2009), and The Wolf Age (released Oct. 2010). Blood of Ambrose has gotten mixed reviews and first editions are listing for less than $20 on Still, fans seem to quite enjoy his work.  You can visit his blog here.

The Red Tree, Caitlín R. Kiernan (Roc/Penguin Putnam, 2009)

Kiernan is the author of eight novels and numerous short stories. She has been nominated for the World Fantasy and Locus awards (among others) numerous times. She is also frequently featured among Subterranean Press's limited edition prints. Her signed first editions list on average in the $250+ range. Unsigned editions usually run in the $50 range. I would list her as a definite collectible author. Visit her Web site here.
The City & The City, China Miéville (Macmillan UK/ Del Rey)
Miéville is a Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, & Locus award winner & nominee (to name a few). He as written nine novels/novellas and numerous short stories. The City & The City won the 2010 Hugo award. Signed first editions of this book list in the $100 - $200 range. Unsigned first editions of his second novel, Perdido Street Station (Mcmillian, London, 2000) list in the $300 range. I would list him as a highly collectible author. You can visit his Web site here.

Finch, Jeff VanderMeer (Underland, Portland, 2009)
VanderMeer is the author of six novels and two non-fiction books. He won the 2000 World Fantasy awards for The Transformation of Martin Lake. Signed first editions of Finch are listing for between $60 - $100. Signed editions of some of his other titles list between $100 - $200. Unsigned editions of his books list for around the cover price. Even so, I would list this author as collectible with the emphasis on acquiring his signed works. You can visit his Web site here.

In Great Waters, Kit Whitfield (Jonathan Cape UK/Del Rey, 2008/2009)
This is Whitfield's second novel. Her first, titled Bareback in the U.K. and Benighted in the U.S., is currently being adapted as a film. Signed firsts of In Great Waters are listing for $40 on, with unsigned editions listing at around the cover price. Signed firsts of Bareback list in the $90+ range, while unsigned editions list around $45. Because Whitfield is a new writer and this is only her second novel, I would highly suggest finding first edition/first printings of both of her books. You can visit her blog here.

The full ballot for the World Fantasy Awards can be found here [PDF]. Winners will be announced Sunday October 31, 2010.

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