Book sales and other fleeting thoughts

It's been a busy couple of weeks replete with images of me running around like a chicken without a head... or perhaps, more accurately, a chicken with several heads - all facing in different directions, all attempting to be productive and busy without striding too far in any one direction. That's me. That's my past two weeks... and possibly my next two weeks as well. 

I'm still awaiting my Adam Levin book, supposedly sent out two weeks ago from The Rumpus. Each day, on pins and needles waiting for the mail to come & each day disappointed that no package has arrived. Maybe today.

I've also ordered Clementine by Cherie Priest, published by Subterranean Press. If I was lucky (& I still don't quite believe it), I snagged a copy for $25 when they're listing for two to three times that on Amazon, Alibris, and AbeBooks. (I actually bought an extra copy, which I may or may not try to sell - if I do, though, I'll list it under the Shop tab above).

I have my "weekly" trip to the bookstore planned for tomorrow - my respite from the busy week(s). And I'm eyeing the upcoming Friends of the Library Sale (just four short weeks away). So I will, no doubt, report my findings.

In the mean time, in between being busy and being busier, I will be updating the Hypermodern Shopping List and adding to the book reviews (for which, I am about four books behind). 

I hope you're enjoying your Autumnal weather, complete with a good book and a comfy chair.


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