I've Been Splogged

Splog: A fake blog, usually reusing content from other sources, used to generate link spam.
Apparently sploggers copy legitimate content then repost it along with their link spam in order to make their spammy site appear more legit. So I'm finding references to my site on all sorts of, let's just say, non-book related sites. VERY non-book related.

I'm also seeing a bump in page views using sports and celebrity key words (some of these celebrities I have never heard of) - clearly not key words you'd find on this blog.

So, if anyone is coming across my content on offensive or hinky sites, know that it is not me. Right now, other than taking my site down, there's not a simple way to combat the problem. I'd also like to point out that you are NOT at risk by subscribing to my rss feed or visiting this blog. (Just in case you might have been worried).