Wrong Copy of Franzen's Freedom Released in the U.K.

Apparently someone made a little boo-boo and published the American version of Franzen's Freedom over in the U.K., complete with American spellings. Now 200,000 copies are set to be pulped.  

It's mistakes like these that make for some prime book collecting.  Franzen and his publisher, HarperCollins, are offering a free trade - old book for bright, new, shiny, corrected book. Of course, if it were me, I'd keep the old book and shell out the extra dough to buy the new one too. Then I'd try to get my hands on a few more copies destined for the pulper.

The Bookseller reports: 
HarperCollins is offering a recall for thousands of copies of Jonathan Franzen's Freedom after the book was released with some "minor" errors. People who have already bought the book can exchange it for the new, correct, version. The reprinted version is expected to hit bookshops from Monday. The correct versions will include a sticker featuring a review of the book.
The publisher described the mistake as a typesetter's error and the errors relate to spelling and punctuation. There are around 80,000 faulty hardback copies of the book in print but trade paperbacks are also affected. HarperCollins is recommending bookshops talk to their account manager or customer services.

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