Do You Know Who Tim Davys Is?

According to the Fantasy Book Critic Web site, Tim Davys is a pseudonym for a Swedish writer. Surprisingly, though, he has not been swept up in the recent fervor for Swedish novelists (unlike John Ajvide Lindqvist). Davys is the progenitor of the noir-esque Mollisan Town Quartet, which takes place in a world populated by stuffed animals.

I really don't know how this series got under my radar. Usually, I'm a magnet for quirky fiction (Jasper Fforde and Christopher Moore practically have their own shelves in my ever expansive bookcase). So, the fact that this author and title just crossed my virtual desk amazes me.

I recall eying Lanceheim, Davys' second in this odd little series, when it hit the New Fiction shelf, but for whatever reason, I never bought it. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people did the same, as I only found one review of the book on Amazon & noticed that new, hardcovers are selling for less than the price of shipping from Independent retailers.

From what I can tell, the critics seem to like the idea behind the series, but they didn't seem to like the execution of the second book.

The first book in the series, Amberville, completely escaped my notice. It got some decent reviews, but apparently didn't get much press - so, again, you can pick up a copy for less than the shipping charges.

Davys' third book, Tourquai will be released 2/15/11:
When Oswald Vulture, a rich and powerful finance mogul, is found beheaded in his office, it sets off a chain of events for the stuffed animal citizens of Mollisan Town that questions whether they are free or whether they are ruled by destiny in this third book of Tim Davy’s Mollisan Town quartet.
As I am one who enjoys the quirkier side of fiction, I am indeed intrigued to read this series. The collectibility of these books seems negligible. The highest listing I could find was for an uncorrected proof of Amberville - going for $35 on Abebooks. Alibris has a similar listing for $7. So, my friends, it looks like you'll just have to buy these books 'cuz you like them.

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