Holiday Goodness in Every Bite

The Christmas and Birthday angels left many wonderful books under the tree this year. Titles included:

- The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot
- Just Kids, Patti Smith - which I read in one day & I have to say is totally deserving of the NBA - expect a book review soon.
- The Imperfectionists, Tom Rachman
- Dormia, Jake Halpern (YA) - signed
- The Art of French Cooking vol. 1 & 2, Julia Child (maybe one day I'll write about my cookbook collection)
- The Autobiography of Mark Twain (2nd printing), Mark Twain

And in the mail when I got home was the most beautiful, signed, hand bound edition of Ray Bradbury's mysteries from Subterranean Press.  Before the holidays Sub Press had announced that it's first edition of 26 hand-bound copies had to be redone because the books had been trimmed 1/8th inch too much and there was a slight crease on the signature page.  Because of this the price was reduced from $750 to $250! Still a lot of money, but this was too extraordinary of a deal to pass up.  The book arrived yesterday and is beautiful. It's leather bound with gold stamping, housed in an extraordinary leather bound clam shell. Of course, now I need a display book shelf on which to house it. 

Just to give you an idea of the value, the Trade edition (500 signed copies with cloth cover & dust jacket), if you can find a copy, lists for around $200.  The Lettered edition, which usually consists of 26 hand bound copies, usually sells out quickly regardless of price to book collectors who very rarely sell. Once they're sold out, you're hard pressed to find a copy. (Which is a good reason, if you're interested in book collecting, to sign up for Subterranean Press' newsletter).

While in Kansas City visiting my folks, my Mom and I made a trip to the Half Price Bookstore in Westport. We found a couple of signed editions to add to our collection. I decided that, while I don't really know the collectibility of Len Deighton's work (& I've not really read any of his books), I should collect him for the mere fact that we are distantly related. So I bought a first edition of one of his WWII tomes.

Luggage costing what it does to check, I shipped most of my books home via media mail, so I'll be able to better report my finds in a week or so.  I did come across a lovely 1908 publication of Edgar Allen Poe's work. The cover is simply wonderful, reminding me of the Wm Morris influence over all aspects of design.  I couldn't find any information on the book, but you can probably expect a post on that in the near future.

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