LA Times Review: Matched by Ally Condie

The LA Times featured a review today of Ally Condie's breakout novel Matched, the first book of her dystopian trilogy, and I have to say it sounds pretty good.

According to the Times:
It's a story that will appeal to fans of Suzanne Collins' "The Hunger Games" and Allegra Goodman's "The Other Side of the Island" — young-adult titles that follow similarly well-behaved and intelligent heroines who slowly realize they've been duped.

As a reader of YA dystopian novels, this is one that will find its way into my collection. As a collector of books, this may be the next Hunger Games (at least that's what the publishers are hoping), but its collectibility is yet to be seen. According to Publishers Weekly, Penguin has printed 250,000 in the first run, which is not outrageous, but its not low either. This is also not Condie's first novel. Since 2006, she's written five YA novels, most with a religious slant. However, this is considered her break-away novel. Naturally, the value of the book will be highest if you can acquire a signed copy.

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