The Most Anticipated Books of 2011?

It seems that everyone is coming out with their lists of most anticipated books for, at the very least, the beginning half of this year.

The Daily Beast suggests 21 not to miss books, including:

The National Post has provided a list of 28+ titles, including: 

The Guardian gives it's top 10 for 2011:

The Millions list of 76 titles, including:

Almost all the lists include David Foster Wallace's Pale King and Tea Obrecht's Tiger's Wife. As the year progresses, we'll take a closer look at some of these releases.  Already on the collectibles list is Rebecca Hunt's Mr. Chartwell. James Frey's Christian-bashing novel, due out in April, will undoubtedly prove to be as controversial as his Million Little Pieces.  There are quite a few posthumous novels being released this year as we clamor for more of our lost writers. Whether or not these novels will hold up to literary standards is already being debated. As for collectibility, they are probably best acquired to round out collections - no doubt the print runs will be higher as we try to hold on to threads of these artists.

I'm most curious about Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 - a play on Orwell's 1984 - I'll be interested in reading Murakami's take. And also the Anonymous efforts of O: A Presidential Novel - said to be similar to the Clinton era True Colors in revealing the inner workings/motivations of the current president.

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