Subterranean Press to Publish Limited Edition WindUp Girl

William Schafer just announced that they would be producing two more signed, limited editions for Paolo Bacigalupi and China Miéville:
We've just reached agreement with the respective trade edition publishers to produce signed limited editions of a couple of great novels.

Embassytown (China Mievielle) - We'll play our hands close to the vest on this one until we announce it formally. If you've been following China's career, you'll be unsurprised to find that it's unlike any of his other novels, and every bit as good. As he did with Kraken and The City and the CityVincent Chong will once again helm the dust jacket art and design.

The Windup Girl (Paolo Bacigalupi) - Paolo's debut novel is the most decorated such tome in science fiction. A signed copy of the trade hardcover will set you back $800 or so. Our edition will include not only the novel, but the two short stories out of which it grew, a new introduction by the author, and interior illustrations. We should take a moment to thank Night Shade Books, and especially Jeremy Lassen, for helping to bring this deal about.
Subterranean Press has published earlier books for both authors, including Bacigalupi's short story The Alchemist (trade editions still available for preorder).

Miéville's Kraken (from a printing of 500) lists for $90+ (signed). The City and the City lists for $1000 (from the lettered edition of 26), and $240 (from the trade printing of 500 signed copies). In both cases the Subterranean Press edition lists for a higher price than the original first editions (signed or unsigned). Miéville is probably a good author to collect if you're looking to spend only a nominal amount. The return on investment is pretty good & equally stable. Now that he's gotten a few awards under his belt, he's starting to get a lot more attention.

Bacigalupi's The Windup Girl, originally published by Nightshade books in 2009, had a very low first print run. Signed first editions/first printings list for over $1000; unsigned firsts/firsts list for over $500. It's likely that the limited Sub Press edition will garner slightly lower prices initially, but as they sell out the prices will climb (& they'll probably sell out quickly). If you're looking for a bargain on this one, you're not going to find it. The initial price, while steep, will probably be the best price you'll find. So, if you have the means & you want a rare collectible - get this book when it's available for pre-order.

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