In the Post: Cherie Priest

Forewarning: I'm a little excited by this week's fare. 

A few weeks back, Caitlin Kittredge was selling some of her books to, very unselfishly, raise money for a friend. And I, very selfishly, purchased the two Cherie Priest novels she was offering for a sum, I'm ashamed to say, that equaled the cost of ONE of the books. and, to boot, they were signed! Holy cow!

So, fast forward to this week, what should arrive, but these two lovely Cherie Priest novels: a signed, later printing of Boneshaker, and a signed first of her newest novel Bloodshot.   

I've been waiting to start the Clockwork Century series until I could procure a copy of Boneshaker. I've been scouring the used bookstores fairly religiously to no avail, so I am extremely happy to have stumbled upon Ms. Kittredge's Web site at just the right time. Already in my collection are Clementine (Subterranean Press), and Dreadnought (Tor). 

(The books are sitting next to me as I write this, and I keep petting them. C'mon, you should know by now what a geek I am.)

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