More Signed Editions Announced

Both Book Passage and Subterranean Press sent out a couple more announcements today:

Book Passage is selling Signed first editions of Karen Russell's Swamplandia! while supplies last. Cost: $24.95 + shipping.

Signed firsts are also available to reserve from Lemuria Books, where Karen Russell will be on March 25. 

Subterranean announced this morning that they will be offering a "Signed Limited Edition of Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys, published by Hill House a number of years ago." They bought out the remaining stock and are now offering three different editions:
In addition to the book and slipcase, some of the copies we've acquired come with the elusive notebook published to accompany the novel proper. To make things more attractive to collectors, Datsuka has agreed to remarque (add a small sketch to) ten copies of the book.

Signed Limited Edition: $125 [SOLD OUT 2/11/11]

Signed Limited Edition with Notebook: $200 [SOLD OUT 2/10/11]

Signed Limited Edition with Notebook and Original Sketch: $300 [SOLD OUT 2/10/11]

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