Borders Liquidation Update

I stopped by the Greensboro, NC Borders this afternoon to see how the liquidation was faring (seeing as I'd not been to that part of town since the liquidation was announced over a month ago).

Unlike last visit, clearance and store closing signs were plastered in the windows, and final liquidation prices were marked on all of the fixtures ($100 tables, $60 bookshelves, $20 book stands, $200 book ladders). 

As I approached the front door, a large restaurant moving van was pulling away, undoubtedly cashing in on the cafe fixtures.

Clearance signs announced 50-70% off, with most literature marked at 60% off. YA books, Sci-fi, Mysteries, DVDs, CDs were marked at 50%, while Biographies and the lesser popular non-fiction were marked at 70% off.

Not surprisingly, the overall selection has winnowed down considerably, but foot traffic in the store was still quite high, and people were still leaving with stacks and stacks of books. Even I managed to snag a few straggling copies.

For the most part, customers were nice to the employees - although I can't say they were nice to other customers. Although, I guess it depended what section I found myself in. The children's, YA, and Sci-fi section were filled with smiling people (parents mostly - whom I'm sure were thrilled to buy their kids books at a discount).  

The Literature section was quite a different story however. Many people flat out refused to move from their staked out spot (and there were a lot of spots staked out. Initially, I thought there was some kind of contest going on - you know, some sort of book throw down, winner takes all). Several women deigned to acknowledge the presence of anyone else, planting their feet all the more firmly when someone dared walk by.

One woman got the pleasure of my armpit in her face, as an "excuse me" accompanied with eye contact, a smile, and a quick point to the book I wanted went unacknowledged. I also experienced a couple of rather rude gentlemen, whom I gave plenty of personal space & who very clearly saw me, simply walk right in front of me as I was reaching for a book - no apologies. In fact, they looked like they were going to hit me with their books for even daring to set foot in what was clearly "their section."  

Very strange behavior.

Thankfully, I made it out with nary a scratch.

No one knew for sure when the store would close down. The April deadline was a bit vague.  Still, there is plenty of stock and plenty of fixtures to be had (although I was bummed to see that all the chairs are gone).

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