Collecting Ray Bradbury, Pt. I

Ray Bradbury has published 11 novels,  44 collections (plus over 50 more that haven't been republished since appearing in the original periodicals),  over 400 short stories/novellas, and 12 children's books. To list all of his first editions here would be overwhelming. (To see a list of his titles, check out his bibliography on Wikipedia or his Web site).

The novels:

THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES,  (Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1950)

A collection of short stories published first in the U.S. in 1950 by Doubleday. Signed first editions list for between $4,000 and $6,500. Unsigned first editions can list for between $300-$500. Be VERY wary of Book Club Editions, some sellers will list the BCE as a first edition at a similar price to the actual first.

A year later it was published in the U. K. under the title The Silver Locusts, with slightly different contents. Signed firsts list for up to $420; unsigned firsts list for up to $300.

The Limited Editions Club published a signed, slipcased edition (of 2,000) in 1974. This lists for up to $595.

Easton Press, published a signed edition bound in leather in 1989. This lists for up to $475.

A 1997 edition of the book advances all the dates by 31 years (thus running from 2030 to 2057).

Subterranean Press released a 2010 limited signed edition which included the previously unpublished Martian Chronicle stories in addition to those already published. The edition included 500 signed and number copies and 26 signed and lettered copies. I only found one listing on Amazon for $650.

FAHRENHEIT 451(Ballantine Books, 1953)

Essentially, four "firsts" of this title were released: The paperback version was the first to be released, a full 6 weeks before the first U.S. hardcover. The cover price was 35ยข.

The paperback now lists for between $25 and $250 unsigned (depending on condition). If it's signed, the value can double or triple. I've seen listings for up to $650 for a signed paperback first.

A signed first U.S. hard cover edition lists for up to $10,000; unsigned, copies can be had for as little as $300 (watch the condition) or as much as $4,500. Most copies, at this point, will have fading of the spine (usually the '451' which was once red will be somewhat pink now), some foxing, or chipped covers. 

A limited, Asbestos-cover edition of 200 was also released by Ballantine in 1953 and signed by Bradbury :: listing for $18,000 to $30,000+. Then Bradbury, himself, had an edition of 50 made & specially bound (good luck finding any of these).

The first U.K. edition was released in 1954 by Hart-Davis. Signed U.K. firsts have been listing for up to $5,000.

DANDELION WINE, (DoubleDay & Company, 1957)

The first U.S. edition, released in 1957, had a dust jacket price of $3.95. It now lists for up to $2,000 signed; $100-$650 unsigned.

The first U.K. edition, published by Rupert Hart Davis in 1957 lists for up to $1,000 signed; $50-$300+/- unsigned.

Easton Press released a special limited edition, bound in leather, in 1989. Unsigned, these can list for up to $275.

Subterranean Press and PS Publishing released a signed, limited edition in 2007 celebrating the 50th anniversary of this title. You can procure one of these copies for $200 +/-.

SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES, (Simon & Schuster, 1962) 

The first U.S. edition was published in 1962, lists for up to $4,000 signed. Unsigned copies list for up to $600.

The first U.K. edition published by Rupert Hart Davis in 1963. Unsigned copies list for up to $500.

In 1983 Alfred A. Knopf took over the publication rights to the title and published a limited edition of 70 copies for Bradbury. I found one copy of this edition listing for $1250 on ABE.

Easton Press published a limited edition in 1988.  These copies list for $200-$475.

Gauntlet Press published a signed limited edition of 500 copies in 1999. I found one listing for $395.

THE HALLOWEEN TREE, (Alfred A. Knopf/Knopf Books for Young Readers, 1972)

First U.S. edition was published in 1972. Signed copies list for up to $1,500. Unsigned copies list for up to $400.

The first U.K. edition was published by Rupert Hart Davis in 1973. I found an unsigned copy with light soiling listing for $166.

Gauntlet Press published a signed, limited edition of 52 lettered copies in 2005. At the time of this post, there was one listing for $800. They also printed a signed and numbered edition of 700 at the same time. These list for $150-$500.

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