Library Sale Finds

Yesterday, we drove through rain and thunder to get to the Durham, NC Friends of the Library Book Sale (happening again today, for people in the region: 2-5pm - $7 for all the books you can fit into a paper grocery bag).

Mostly, the tables were filled with the usual/predictable suspects: Jonathan Kellerman, Jude Deveraux, Stephen King, James Patterson, Isaac Asimov....  I was looking for mainly Sci-Fi this time around (P.K. Dick, Douglas Adams, Ray Bradbury) without much luck.

I did find a signed gift edition of Jurassic Park in Near Fine condition (worth about $125); a sweet little edition of John Le Carré's novella Call for the Dead ($40); a first of China Miéville's Iron Council ($40); and a few Sue Grafton's & Dick Francis' to fill in the series.

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