Science Fiction Double Feature

We have two Sci-Fi awards coming up at the end of the month & I thought I'd recap the shortlists.

The 2010 British Science Fiction Awards will be handed out April 23-24th. Those on the short list include (The UK publishers in parenthesis):
A few days later, on April 27th, The Arthur C. Clarke Award will be announced:

Signed firsts of Zoo City by Lauren Beukes are listing for above $100.  

Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness is listing at just below $100 (signed). Ness' entire signed trilogy is listing for $400 - $500. 

Richard Powers' Generosity (the Farrar Straus Giroux edition) is listing for up to $275 (signed). 

Tim Powers' Declare is listing for $195 (signed Subterranean Press edition); $50 - $85 (Wm Morrow edition).

All others are listing for at or below the cover price.

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