Sub Press Grab Bags: 11 Books for $50

Subterranean Press is cleaning out their warehouse, & selling grab bags of 11 slightly blemished or dinged books for $50 plus shipping. From an email sent out:
We have a goodly number of returned books sitting in the distributor area of our warehouse, and rather than ship them out to our large accounts when they order, have decided to offer them direct to customers. These books may have blemishes, from bumps and bruises, to less than perfect dust jackets, but with 11 books costing only $4.55 each, you can't go wrong.

And now for the particulars:

For $50, you'll receive a Grab Bag of 11 hardcovers, a mix of signed limited and trade editions, including some titles never before offered as part of our specials. (We're sorry but we cannot take requests for specific titles to be included or excluded from the Grab Bags.) The books we're offering range from a number of just-published books to classic SubPress titles.

Each of these Grab Bags is guaranteed to have a value of at least $300, and we're only selling a limited number of them, so get your order in now if you're interested.

Special shipping charges apply ($20 US, $60 Canada, $75 UK, $105 Rest of the World). This offer may not be combined with any other coupons, specials, or savings certificates.

Please note: We're selling a limited number of these grab bags. Once that quantity is reached-if it takes a few hours, one or two days, or a week-we'll pull the offer from our site

Grab Bag (US Shipping): $65

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Grab Bag (Canada Shipping): $110

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Grab Bag (UK Shipping): $125

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Grab Bag (Rest of the World Shipping): $155

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