Will The Final Testament Live Up to the Hype?

Although it has been out for a month, it appears that B&N just got copies of James Frey's The Final Testament of the Holy Bible.  This has been on the collector's radar for a little while, and quite honestly, with all the hype, it's a lot smaller than I was expecting at 8" x 5" by (I'd say less than) 1" thick.  Of course I couldn't peruse it because it was shrink wrapped.

With a $50 price tag for the unsigned "limited edition" (Published by Gagosian Gallery), I'm not sure how many will sell, but it appears that the Barnes and Noble here in Greensboro only received two copies.  A signed limited edition of 1,000 was also released for $150 by John Murray in the UK. These are currently listing at below retail (anywhere from US$70-$125).  You can find a copy of the unsigned, slip-cased book on Amazon for $38 +/- or $46 on AbeBooks.com.

From Amazon:
For two thousand years people have spent their lives waiting, praying, fighting, begging, and going to war for the Messiah. They continue to do so, every minute of every day, every day of every year. And yet, as far as we know, the Messiah has never come.
How would a man like Jesus be perceived if he appeared today? How would he live, what would he say, what would he preach and believe? How would society react to him, and what would they to do him? And though he may be the Messiah, he is not the man that has been prayed for over the course of the last two thousand years. He believes religion is a fraud, government is a sham, and that love should be a choice, regardless of gender. He is, as Christ was, everything that religious leaders and government officials fear, what they speak against, and what they destroy. He did not burn books, or picket doctor's offices, or spend his time in religious institutions. He simply preached a message. Love your fellow man.
Written from the perspective of his family, friends, and followers, in the same way the story of Jesus Christ was told in the New Testament, The Final Testament of the Holy Bible is the story of Ben Zion Avrohom, also known as Ben Jones, also known as the Messiah, also known as the Lord God.

From a Q&A with James Frey:
Q: The Final Testament will be released as a limited-edition $50 printed book and a $150 autographed version, but you're self-publishing the ebook at $10. Do you see a future where the printed book is an expensive object intended for collectors while digital copies are for everyone else?
A: Absolutely. I think the future of publishing, or one version of it, is in physical books for collectors and serious fans and ebooks for mass distribution. I believe in that future and want to be a part of it as early as possible.

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