In the Post: Bacigalupi's Windup Girl by SubPress

After a year of waiting, my copy of Paolo Bacigalupi's Windup Girl arrived yesterday - and it's beautiful.  I accidentally bought two. I know, who accidentally buys two copies of a $125 book? - umm, that'd be me (she says shyly & a little embarrassed). Of course, rather than correcting the double click, I decided that I'd go ahead a buy the second copy, giving me the option of selling it later.

The folks over at Subterranean Press were nice enough to send me #2 and #25 out of the first 200 signed copies (dubbed the Deluxe Limited edition). I've unwrapped and shelved #2, but #25 will stay in the box for now (I have to rearrange the books to make room - shelf space is at a premium).

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I love me some Subterranean Press. They create lovely limited editions of sci-fi, fantasy, and other sub-genre titles, and are just nice folks - so anytime I can plug them I do. (I'm not an affiliate, or a politician, so I don't get any kick-backs).

According to the SubPress Web site, they still have a few copies of the Limited Edition (numbered 201-500) - priced at $75.

So far there are no listings on, but one seller (on Amazon) is listing the Deluxe Limited edition for $500; and the Limited edition for $250. So, if you have an extra $75 laying about, it might be a good investment to nab one of the few remaining copies from Subterranean.

Also keep in mind, that they'll be publishing a limited edition of Bacigalupi's next book Drowned Cities.

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