The Age of Miracles by Karen Walker: Next Indiespensable Volume

What if one day, the earth's rotation suddenly started slowing down? What would happen to gravity? How would governments react? Would civilization — or human beings — survive? Karen Thompson Walker's debut novel, The Age of Miracles, imagines answers to these dystopian questions in a beautifully written coming-of-age novel. Eleven-year-old Julia and her family are living in an unremarkable California suburb when the days and nights begin growing longer and longer. With grace, intelligence, and startling realism, Walker creates a snapshot of a world changing beyond recognition. [product description].

This is Walker's debut novel. It's already garnered a starred review from Pub. Weekly as well as Kirkus, and the writing is being compared to Margaret Atwood.  The trade edition (US $26) is being released June 26, 2012.

The Indiespensable Volume, available through Powell's and pictured above, will be signed and slip-cased (US $39.95). No mention of print run is made, but it will be shipped June 27, 2012.  (Note: Indiespensable books, on average, list in the $100 range when sold at AbeBooks, although you can occasionally find some deals over there. I wouldn't necessarily trust listings at Amazon unless they specify that it's a signed, slip cased edition, and include condition notes.)

The Age of Miracles, Karen Thompson Walker
Hardcover: 288 pages with deckled edges
Publisher: Random House (June 26, 2012)
Trade Edition Cover price: US $26.00

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