Signed Limited Editions of Life of Pi and Dear Life

Canopy is publishing a limited edition of 300 signed copies of Yann Martel's Life of Pi and a limited edition of 50 signed copies of Alice Munro's Dear Life to bring attention to their straw paper & forest initiative: 
Signed special editions of Life of Pi and Dear Life, printed on paper made from left over straw rather than trees have been launched in support of Canopy’s campaigns to protect the world’s forests.
Life of Pi: $250 / edition of 300
Dear Life: $500 / edition of 50

Canopy doesn't state whether these are hardback or paperback, choosing to instead focus on the eco-friendly facts of straw paper. Nor does it mention anything about the longevity of straw paper.

I did find a marketing document on their Website listing the copyright statement that should appear in books using the "Ancient Forest Friendly" logo (associated with straw paper):
We are committed to protecting the environment and to the responsible use of natural resources. We are acting on this commitment by working with suppliers and printers to phase out our use of paper produced from ancient forests. This book is one step towards that goal. It is printed on 00% ancient-forest-free paper (00% post-consumer recycled), processed chlorine and acid-free and it is printed with vegetable-based inks.

Of note: In 2011, Margaret Atwood published a signed limited edition of  In Other Worlds for Canopy, using straw paper. Abebook listings show the publisher as McClelland and Stewart, ON Canada. Descriptions state that this edition is hardback. Prices list from $48-$405. The number printed is not stated.

True firsts for Life of Pi (Knopf, Canada, 2001) list for $600-$1400+ (signed); $400-$500 (unsigned); & $350 for an unsigned, 2d printing. (These were small print runs).

True firsts for Dear Life (McClelland Stewart, Canada, 2012) list for $300 (signed), $50 (unsigned); US firsts (Knopf, NY, 2012) list for $60-$85 (signed).

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