Bookstore Finds

I snuck away the other day for some impromptu book / holiday shopping at our used bookstore.  I was so astoundingly prepared (a list of titles and authors) that there was absolutely no way any of the books I sought would possibly be on the shelves. Although this did not stop me from scouring said shelves, squeezing every ounce of hope that the title of the book shoved behind all of those James Patterson's would be the one I was looking for.

It wasn't.

Not even close.

I know, but don't feel too sad for me, I still left the store with 4 pretty good finds:

The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman (First/First) - This one, supposedly, had a small first run. It cost me $2 and is probably worth about $50 (of course there are still copies out there selling for less than $10, so the value remains to be seen).

The Good Lord Bird by James McBride (First/First) - published prior to the National Book Award win, so no sticker - this was probably my best find - certainly my most expensive, at a whopping $14. Unsigned copies are listing for about $50.

The Zero by Jess Walter (First/First) - his 2d novel & a National Book Award Finalist. This copy is sans the NBA sticker. I NEVER see copies of this (or Citizen Vince) in the used bookstore. I grabbed this one for $8, although it's not worth a whole lot more than that.

As I Lay Dying by Wm Faulkner. This one is a first edition Modern Library Book. The dust jacket is in rough condition (it looks like someone tried taping a couple of tears about 40 years ago. The tape has since disintegrated, but the ghost stains are still there) and there's some light speckling on the top edge, otherwise it's in lovely condition. This one cost me $8 as well. With the condition it may only be worth twice that, but still a neat find.

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