Subterranean Press to Publish Limited Edition Hugh Howey Trilogy

Subterranean Press just announced that it will be publishing a limited, signed run of 750 cloth bound sets (and 26 leather bound sets) of Hugh Howey's self-published Silo trilogy (Wool, Shift, and Dust). It appears that the initial run for the limited edition was going to be 500. There has been such clamor for these titles that I fully expect even larger runs to sell out.

For you design geeks, the dust jacked was designed by Jason Gurley. (and yes, those are other Hugh Howey book covers, for The Hurricane - self-published in 2011, and The Plagiarist, and Half Way Home on his Tumblr blog.)

Each of the books is signed and the leather bound edition is housed in a slipcase.

Limited edition: (set of 3 cloth bound, signed) $180
Lettered edition: (set of 3 leather bound, signed) $500

Century (an imprint of Random House UK) published an earlier signed, limited edition for Goldsboro Books in the UK. Those copies are listing for $50 to $300+ each (on Abebooks), and there are a few sets out there being offered for $600-$800+.

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