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As mentioned in a previous post, my book club met at Scuppernong Books, our newest community bookstore here in Greensboro. The store, like many in our downtown, is an old converted brick building featuring hardwood floors, 20 foot ceilings, and exposed brick walls (at one time plastered with concrete).

It's the kind of store that you walk into and feel immediately at home.

After our book club meeting split up, we each lingered to peruse the shelves. Tracy found the poetry section. I wandered to the back of the store where the used books are shelved.

Surprisingly, the used book section had a few collectibles interspersed with a variety of reading copies.  (Tracy ended up wandering back to the used books and immediately found a poetry book, Imagine Inventing Yellow by M.C. Richards, which was signed by the author).

While I found nothing signed, I did snag a couple of China MiƩville titles that I don't yet have (The Scar and Un Lun Dun) - reading copies, both.

My big score, however, was a first edition of The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi (hard cover), a title that's been on my White Whale (aka 'must procure') list since I first saw it on a trip to Hawaii five years ago. (Not wanting to carry another item home on the plane, I opted not to buy a copy. By the time I got to the bookstore at home, they'd completely sold out). The cover has seen some wear, but the book block is tight and in Very Good condition with no markings or turned down pages.

This title is so rare, that it's hard to find similar copies for sale online - to pin down a value. At the time of this blog post, Abebooks had a total of 7 "First Edition" listings, one of which is actually a 2d printing, another is a 4th printing, and a third is the softcover edition (listing for $99, btw).

Unsigned copies list in the realm of $100 to $200+ depending on condition. (The book listing for $100 apparently had some moisture damage - if this gives you any indication how rare first/firsts are).

Signed, first edition/first printing copies list from $295 (with missing dj) to $950+

Subterranean Press did a signed, limited edition of 500 copies of this title in 2011. Numbers 1-200 comprised the Deluxe Limited Edition (housed in a slip-case), Numbers 201-500 comprised the Limited Edition (no slip-case) - I was fortunate enough to snag a Deluxe copy ( #2/500).

The Limited Edition (#201-500) lists for $125 to $250+
The Deluxe Limited Edition (#1-200) lists for $285 to $360+.

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