Bone Clocks, Afterworlds, and other literary adventures...

Thanks to the move and spending all of our free time fixing up the house, we have not visited a bookstore in over TWO months. Unimaginable, I know, but true.

That streak was broken this weekend when, needing a break (like you do), we followed the path of least resistance to the Barnes & Noble, where I managed to do a little damage to my pocketbook.

Top on my list was (of course) David Mitchell's Bone Clocks (which I sat down and started reading before we ever left the store). Although, I have to say, I had a hard time finding a copy that wasn't mangled. All but a couple of books had pages that were folded, torn, or just out of shape - like they used that title as a doorstop. Which might explain why they were hidden in the back of a display (that, or someone there really doesn't like David Mitchell).

Next was Tana French's new title, The Secret Place (although I have yet to read her last book, so it goes in the 'To be read at a later date' pile).

Scott Westerfeld is on the top of my YA list with his latest, Afterworlds.

And then, I'm a little embarrassed to say, I bought the new John Twelve Hawks book, Spark. His writing is very reminiscent of Dan Brown's, not stellar, but there's something wonderfully escapist about his stories - sort of like going to see a Die Hard movie. The action is unrealistic, but MAN is it entertaining (you know, if you like that sort of thing, which clearly I do).

Now, of course, the problem is finding space on the bookshelves.

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