Last Chance for 50% off Sub Press Preorders

I got this reminder email from Subterranean Press this morning:

Save 50% on Preorder Items for TODAY only! 

Reminder: the preorder sale lasts through the end of today and then disappears, likely for a year or more!

By my lights, it's been more than a year since we last ran a 50% off sale on preorders, so here we go. As usual, there are some rules.
  1. Prices are already changed for the eligible books, which include almost all SubPress preorder titles. (Other publishers' titles and in-print titles are not eligible.)
  2. There is no limit to the number of books or orders you may place.
  3. The discount does not apply to past orders. (If you cancel a past order and place a new one for the same title, you will be charged the full price.)
  4. The sale lasts only through the end of business on Tuesday, June 28. At that point, we'll return books to their usual prices.
  5. Shipping is not discounted.
That's all, I think. Thanks to everyone who participates in our once yearly sale, and picks up some great reading at unbelievable prices.

(I'm not a Subterranean Press affiliate - this is just an fyi)

Given that most of the preorder titles are listing for half off today, it might be a good time to get any of those fantasy / horror / sic-fi books you may've had your eye on. (you know I'm taking advantage of this and getting the China MiĆ©ville titles.) They don't have a list of the titles on sale, although the books listed in the left-hand "At the Printer" column are among those on sale. Unfortunately, George R.R. Martin's A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms and Robert McCammon's Boy's Life are sold out.

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