It's Harry Potter Night, I Hope I Can Stay Up.

Okay, so "10 days of Harry Potter" ends today. I know you're all probably breathing a sigh of relief, but  before it ends, there will be one last hurrah. Tonight I will attend my very first midnight book sale (assuming I can stay up that late). If I can figure it out, tech-savvy person that I am, I will live tweet or whatever the Facebook version of that is. (Facebook Live? Just posting a lot of comments in succession?)

Having never been to a midnight book sale, I've no idea what to expect, other than there will be other people there (oh God, please let there be other people there—but not too many) and some sort of themed "entertainment" will happen (maybe) and then the book goes on sale at 12:01. And at 12:02 (or whenever I can get a copy in my hot little hands) I go home and go to bed, because let's face it, I am a book person and that is WAY past my bedtime.

Tomorrow I might post a recap & like the many millions of people who are acquiring the book tonight, there might be pictures and commentary about the book—or I might just sleep in, eat pancakes and go see Ghost Busters.

Either way, thanks for hanging in there with me. Regular programming will resume on Monday.


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