Rare Book Alert: HP and the Chamber of Secrets Celebratory Edition Misprint

While doing research for the What is My Harry Potter Worth? eBooks, I came across this little intriguing nugget:

A listing on Abebooks for a rare misprint of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Celebratory Edition)—a softcover, published by Bloomsbury in 2002.

What makes it so rare? Apparently the cover and spine are missing the silver foil stamping used to print the partial title, author, and a number of stars that appear on the cover.

What's missing exactly? On the front cover: "Harry Potter," "J.K. Rowling," "Bloomsbury," and a number of silver stars. On the spine: "Harry Potter" and "J.K. Rowling"

In researching the many facets of the Harry Potter books, this is the first time I've come across any mention of this particular misprint. I'm sure collectors looking for rarities, might find this somewhat interesting.

The seller offers no other information about the number of copies that may have been released like this. And while the condition is clearly somewhat worn, they're asking £300 or $405 USD.

I tried to find further information but found no other mentions of this particular misprint on Amazon (US/UK) or eBay (US/UK) or on the Web at large. Has anyone else out there seen or heard of this?

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