How Do You Find Collectible Books?

I'm getting more questions regarding how & where I find my collectible books. There's no one source of information or one place I turn to—and if there were, that would probably take some of the fun out of it for me. I like the thrill of the hunt.

First, I do the research

As for how I determine if something might be a collectible, I do A LOT of research. I read trade magazines, bookseller descriptions, publishers' websites, author websites, independent bookstore newsletters, library publications, book reviews—whatever I can get my hands on. The more information, the better.

Some of the publications I turn to:

I'm looking for something that resonates

I'm looking for anything that gives me the sense of the book & how it came to be published. It's not scientific—it's instinctual. I'm looking for "the feels" as Sam Cooke would say. Something that resonates. A book that resonates with the public is more likely to fall into the collectible realm.

It doesn't have to be something I read and loved (although sometimes that helps).

I pay attention to the book buzz by reading reviews and asking booksellers & librarians what's popular or different. For more "organic" reviews, I look at Goodreads & Amazon (because they seem to be the most populated). Goodreads seems to have less of an agenda than Amazon, although at Amazon, if people really like the book, they're more like to post a lot (the opposite is true as well).

I pay attention to the big book fairs, festivals, and conventions

I do a lot of Google searches

 Once I figure out what titles to be on the lookout for, I start researching those titles specifically to figure out what the print run numbers are, if they're up for any awards, etc. I do a lot of Google searches.

Where I look for books

I tend to shop the used bookstores and book sales in my area—this requires a lot of patience and the ability to hold lists in my head (or keep them in my phone). 

I do better with actual bookstores, but have had some success with buying books online. 

Bricks & Mortar:

On occasion I'll shop the Amazon marketplace, but this is hit or miss, so you have to be prepared for disappointment.

I never shop eBay. There are just too many counterfeits and misrepresented listings and it's too easy for sellers to pull up stakes & disappear. Although there are a number of fairly good eBay guides for collectors.