In the Post: Umami by Laia Jufresa [Special Sunday Edition]

After writing the post on Upcoming Small & University Press Titles, I decided to get Laia Jufresa's Umami which had a first English print run of 7, 500 copies. Amazon was the only one who had it in stock, so I ordered it. (Although, to make myself feel better, I ordered it through Amazon Smile so a percentage of the sale would benefit Hirsch Wellness Network, a cancer support organization I work with). Of course, now Powell's has it in stock too.

Side note: I just have to say, it always feels like a crap shoot with Amazon and books that have small first print runs because you never know if Amazon will send you a first or later printing. They've been known, when something sells out, to just tell you your book will have a longer than usual delivery date. This is a red-flag that your copy will most likely not be a first printing—this happened to me with the Mark Twain autobiography (not that I'm bitter).

Because this book is published by a smaller press, the copyright page looks a little different from the standard. Instead of a number line and the phrase "First Edition," it has a "first published" statement. In this case:
"First published in North America, Great Britain and Australia by Oneworld Publications, 2016."

It should be noted that this is actually a "First thus," (or First English edition) because it was originally published in Spanish by Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial in 2015.

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