Some Books You Might Like

Here are a few books that sound pretty interesting and garnered starred reviews recently:

First on the list is a book that's been popping up a lot lately (Kudos to Putnam and her agent for getting it out there)

The Reader by Traci Chee (Putnam, Sept 13, 2016)

*debut novel—young adult

SynopsisAfter 15-year-old orphan Sefia is separated from her aunt, she sets out on a rescue mission. Determined to learn the truth about her past and the rectangular object she’s spent her life hiding, Sefia eventually discovers that the item—bound paper covered in symbols—is a book. Books, reading, and writing are unheard of in the land of Kelanna, but Sefia is certain that this book holds the answers she seeks.

Ages 12 and up

Starred reviews: PW, Kirkus, Library Journal

Beloved Poison, Elaine Thomson (Pegasus, Sept 13, 2016)

*debut novel—historical fiction/mystery

SynopsisJem Flockhart, an apothecary at St. Saviour’s Infirmary, has successfully passed herself off as a man in order to work alongside her father, continuing a family tradition in medicine that dates back a century. Meanwhile, the hospital governors have agreed that to sell the property to make way for a railway bridge, which necessitates emptying its graveyard, an unpleasant task delegated to junior architect William Quatermain. And, in the midst of that upheaval, one of the infirmary’s doctors is fatally poisoned, a crime that Jem believes is linked to her discovery of six tiny coffins, each containing a blood-stained doll.

Starred review: PW 

Children of the New World, Alexander Weinstein (Picador, Sept 13, 2016)

*debut short story collection

SynopsisTouching on virtual families, climate change, implanted memories, and more, Weinstein’s debut collection of digital-age sci-fi stories is scary, recognizable, heartbreaking, witty, and absolutely human. 

Weinstein was listed in B&N Discover Great New Writers for August.

He'll also be signing books at Powell's on October 14th.

Starred reviews: PW, Booklist

Darktown, Thomas Mullen (Atria, Sept 2106)


SynopsisA pair of rookie black cops in 1948 Atlanta uncover political corruption and conspiracy when they stumble on to a murder case.

Starred reviews: PW, Booklist

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