The Blog is Moving

Hi all,

The rumors are true. I am moving the blog. Yeah, I know, change is hard—but 7 years on Blogger is a good run, and we're just outgrowing the platform. For those folks who are like me and have a hard time with change, I thought it would be good to have a bit of transition time. So, over the next month I'll continue posting here, but will also be posting more content at the new website:

The site is currently up and running, although I'm still working out some of the kinks. (You can consider this a soft opening.)

The new platform gives me A LOT more control over the design and page offerings and also lets me have a little cleaner interface. (And it's WAY more mobile friendly.)

Eventually, all the links to this blog will redirect to the new site. I just wanted to give followers some lead-time to get used to the change.

On the new site I've cleaned up Identifying First Editions and Book Collecting Tips and added an Identifying Book Club Editions page as well as a Book Collecting Terms page.